As expected, the college process of shopping, moving in, and getting comfortable eats up a lot of time. I haven’t been writing much lately and I feel useless for not doing so. Now that I’m finally settled, I feel as though I have more free time than I ever did. For those that care to know, this blog is not dead nor is it extending its inactivity. I expect to collect my thoughts on this medium from my studies and personal readings as I have before, but instead this time with more rigor and regularity.

I also hope to renovate the blog format a bit more, but that’s for a later date.


Just as a quick note, I’ve gotten to moving most of my old posts from Blogspot onto this medium. So if any of you are wondering “hey, look at all these new posts!” they’re simply writings that have been accumulating over the last few months on my old blog. Be sure to check them out, I managed to set them by date accordingly as they originally were — but please forgive me if there are any formatting issues, I’ll be fixing them in the upcoming days.


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A critical analysis of the American empire's high-minded rhetoric, and the ways in which it continually fails to square with reality.

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e*leu`ther*o*ma"ni*a | noun | a mania or frantic zeal for freedom. | [R.] Carlyle.